Kooper Says: The Pet Nanny is expecting…

That’s right; The Pet Nanny is expecting a new puppy coming soon.  As you may know, The Tega Cay Pet Nanny lost her sweet, female, yellow lab this year to heart failure.  Soon after, Michelle and family went back to CD Kennels in Hickory, NC to see about another puppy.  Fortunately, they had another litter with beautiful pups ready to go home by St. Patrick’s day.  So in about 2 weeks we will  bring home our new Chocolate Labrador puppy, Quya (pronounced: Kwhy-yah).  He will be named for the friend we made in Jamaica by the same name.

Our puppy is actually the half brother of Me…Kooper.  He’s my brother-from-another-mother.

Here’s a shout-out to  Man, do they have awesome dogs.  So Kooper and our family will have a new friend soon.

Stay tuned for more pics and info.

Hey, you look kinda' like me.

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